About Us
Skill Tree Institute is a computer training institute that imparts money-making skills on its students. We are located in Rawalpindi/Islamabad. We will get rid of unemployment and help people get jobs.


We aim to eradicate the curse of unemployment in our country. We intend to become the largest professional computer and technical training institute in Pakistan. Our short courses will help reshape the region.


We will help enable at least 100,000 unemployed people in Pakistan. We will enrich Pakistan’s youth with some form of employable skill so they can contribute to the society. We will become society’s skill imparting engine.


We aim for excellence, trust, creativity and zeal in every aspect of our institute, be it: customer service, teaching or mentoring. We develop trust, we strive to innovate and we are highly passionate about our cause.

Who We Are

Our Passion

Teaching skills is our passion. We mentor our students to excel in their respective skill and grow upon it. There is no greater satisfaction than to see your planted seed grow into a tree. And this professional training institute does just that.

Our Students

Despite the skills, grooming is a must for a fresh mind. We develop and instill a professional attitude in our students. We understand the professional grooming required to survive in the market, and so do our students. Our students leave Skill Tree Institute with an entirely new energy. They feel empowered with a professional equipment that they had never experienced before when they step into the market. And this empowerment is our end goal for our students.

Our Belief

Skill Tree Institute believes that everyone should be employed. We want everyone in Pakistan and around the world to have a job or business, or some form of work. We know that the current education system does not necessarily give us the skills needed to earn our living. Together, we need to change that.

Our Aim

We assign projects to our skilled graduates to enjoy professionalism. By giving out the equipment and skills, our institute is enabling people to feed their families. If you really want to change your fortune, you do not need a degree; you only need a skill that could start your earning cycle.